Jun 19, 2024

GPT360 and Chirpley Join Hands as Partners

In the fast-paced world of Web3, where innovations replace each other on the fly, collaboration is crucial for success. Rapid adoption of new technologies demands project flexibility and adaptability, making partnerships essential for accessing the knowledge and resources needed to stay ahead. Interactions among projects in Web3 not only drive innovation but also create fertile ground for revolutionary industry changes. Each participant brings unique perspectives and expertise, expanding opportunities for growth and influence together. This synergy promotes secure and productive interactions in the digital realm. Furthermore, partnerships in Web3 not only strengthen participating projects but significantly broaden their reach and market influence. Pooling efforts enables achieving goals that would be unattainable alone, thus creating new avenues for progress and innovation. At GPT360, we value the importance of such partnerships and are ready to share our knowledge and resources for mutual benefit with partners like Chirpley. We are confident that our collaboration will yield significant results, helping us and our clients overcome any challenges and reach new heights in the world of digital innovation. CHIRPLEY Chirpley (CHRP) is an advanced marketing platform designed specifically for small influencers. It operates as a decentralized organization that serves the interests of small influencers and marketers. Chirpley aims to break down barriers between influencers and the marketing community by providing tools for easy access to brands, sponsorships, and marketing opportunities. Using AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies, the platform automates processes like partner matching, deal-making, and campaign launches, opening up new growth and income opportunities for small influencers.

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Winners list on the GPT360 community platform on TaskOn!

GPT360 is excited to share the exciting news about the successful completion of our TaskOn campaign with amazing results! It was a memorable and highly competitive event with a large number of participants. We appreciate your attention! Now, let’s move on to the most active users — our winners!

Jun 3, 2024

GPT360 and ONLY VC Join Forces in Strategic Partnership

In the Web3 era, thriving in 2024, strategic partnerships become an essential part of project development strategies. Our team, GPT360, recognizes that in this dynamic environment, collaboration is the key to successful survival and prosperity. Therefore, we proudly announce the establishment of a strategic partnership with ONLY VC! Our collaboration with ONLY VC allows us to expand our ecosystem, combining our efforts with an experienced and innovative partner. As a result, we become more competitive and capable of rapidly implementing innovative ideas. This alliance also accelerates innovation processes. By combining our knowledge, experience, and resources, we can create and implement new ideas and products much more efficiently than if we were working alone. From our side, the GPT360 team understands that strategic partnerships in the Web3 industry act as catalysts for project success. They not only provide additional resources and access to new markets but also contribute to ecosystem development, increasing competitiveness, and accelerating innovation processes. Together with ONLY VC, we are ready to achieve our ambitious goals and reach new heights in the Web3 world. ONLY VC ONLY VC is a hybrid venture investment community. They focus on projects in both cryptocurrency and traditional venture sectors. Starting small, they initially sought investments independently but evolved over time into a syndicate, fostering friendly relationships with over 550 funds. ONLY VC is the largest cryptocurrency venture syndicate with over 350 members, investing in a wide range of projects, from launchpads to exchanges. Their team boasts long-term blockchain expertise, successfully raising funds and marketing major projects.

Jun 3, 2024

GPT360 and Market Labs Join Forces in Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnership is when two or more companies work together to achieve specific strategic goals, such as expanding market reach, developing new products or services, increasing competitiveness, and so on. This partnership typically involves mutual benefits for all parties involved and may include resource sharing, knowledge exchange, technology collaboration, and/or access to new markets. Our GPT360 team understands very well that in 2024, strategic partnerships in the Web3 industry are a crucial element for projects. Therefore, we are thrilled to welcome our new strategic partner, Market Labs! In the rapidly evolving Web3 industry, strategic partnerships become a key success factor, enabling projects to scale effectively and adapt to changing market conditions. Everyone in the industry knows that partnerships provide access to additional resources such as funding and technology, help expand the ecosystem by joining forces with other projects, enhance competitiveness, and accelerate innovation processes. MARKET LABS Market Labs is a leading HFT Market Maker known for its expertise in providing services for top exchanges like Binance and OKX, handling over $100 billion in volumes annually. Founded by a former head of market making departments at OKX and FTX, their team boasts extensive experience in market making and liquidity provision. They are now expanding into Listing Market Making, offering services for projects seeking experienced market makers.

May 29, 2024

GPT360 and Listing Help are now new media partners!

The Web3 industry has a large audience of crypto enthusiasts eager to learn new things and stay updated on the latest trends in blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and NFTs. To maximize the reach of this audience and create a synergistic effect, it makes sense for two projects in the Web3 industry to join forces in a media partnership. First, combined efforts in a media partnership can significantly expand the audience of both projects. The synergy of resources and information distribution channels helps attract new users, increase brand recognition, and strengthen market positions. Additionally, such partnerships ensure more effective content promotion. The combined efforts of teams and experts help create higher quality, more interesting, and relevant content that attracts and retains the interest of crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, a media partnership opens opportunities for cross-promotion, where each project can present its products and services to the partner's audience. This increases user engagement and stimulates the growth of both projects' ecosystems. Our team at GPT360 is incredibly excited to welcome Listing Help as a media partner. We are confident that joining forces in a media partnership will allow us to share best practices and insights with each other, fostering mutual development and innovation. LISTING HELP Listing Help is the first listing agency on the crypto market, operating since 2017. They have provided over 1500 listings, including major projects like TON, Shiba, Roobee, Conun, Metal, Tether, Radix, XDAO, Root Network, and more. The main advantages of the company are connections with over 60 exchanges, personalized offers and roadmap development, advisory services, prices lower than official exchange rates, priority listing, and support at every stage of the process.

May 28, 2024

GPT360 and WhiteList Zone join forces in a media partnership

In the modern world, a Web3 media partnership is not just a beneficial collaboration but a strategic decision that can significantly change the industry landscape. Combining efforts through a media partnership opens new horizons and brings numerous advantages to both parties. We, the GPT360 team, are delighted to announce our new media partner - WhiteList Zone! This collaboration promises to attract the attention of the global crypto community and enthusiasts worldwide, creating a wave of interest in our joint initiatives and reaching a wide audience for both projects. One of the key benefits of a media partnership is the significant boost to the reputation of both parties. When two influential companies join forces, it shows their reliability and high quality of work. This partnership opens doors to new audiences that might have been unreachable when working alone. By pooling resources and knowledge, we can bring our ideas and proposals to a wider audience, which inevitably strengthens our brand. A media partnership allows us to significantly expand our market reach. Joint efforts help attract the attention of users who may not have known about our existence before. This is especially important in the rapidly developing Web3 sphere, where competition grows daily. Together with WhiteList Zone, we can enter new markets and attract more users interested in our products and services. Collaborating with new media partners fosters the exchange of fresh ideas and innovations. Interacting with the WhiteList Zone team will allow us to gain new insights and approaches to solving the challenges we face. Sharing experiences and knowledge helps us find unconventional solutions and implement cutting-edge technologies, ultimately leading to the improvement of our products and services. Thus, a media partnership in the Web3 industry is a powerful tool that can significantly strengthen the positions of the participants and support their further development. WHITELIST ZONE: WhiteList Zone is a cutting-edge platform designed to facilitate and streamline access to whitelist spots for various Web3 projects. In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency, a whitelist refers to a list of pre-approved participants who are given exclusive access to participate in certain events, such as initial coin offerings (ICOs), NFT (Non-Fungible Token) mints, or other limited investment opportunities. These whitelist spots are highly coveted due to the potential financial gains and unique opportunities they provide.

May 26, 2024

GPT360 and 5ireChain Join Hands as Partners!

In the world of Web3, where each day may bring new discoveries and challenges, partnership isn't just convenient, it's necessary. In such a rapidly evolving industry where new technologies emerge daily, flexibility and adaptability are required. Partnership, in turn, provides access to new resources, knowledge, and tools. Moreover, in the Web3 world, partnership not only strengthens projects but also expands their audience and market influence. Joining forces allows us to achieve goals that would seem unattainable alone. It's synergy leading to joint progress and innovation. Collaboration between projects opens doors to new possibilities and ideas, driving revolutionary changes in the industry. Each partner contributes to the common cause, expanding the horizons of their development and influence. It's mutual assistance that makes the complex journey through the world of digital innovations safer and more productive. Our team at GPT360 recognizes the importance of partnership in the Web3 world and is ready to share our experience and resources with partners. We are excited to announce our partnership with 5ireChain, confident that this collaboration will benefit both us and our clients. Together, we can overcome any obstacles and reach new heights in the world of digital innovation. 5ireChain 5ireChain is a blockchain platform promoting sustainability and a for-benefit economy. It incentivizes businesses to prioritize sustainability with a proof-of-benefit model. Aligned with the 5th Industrial Revolution, it empowers decentralized organizations to drive UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Through innovative finance, it boosts capital access for eco-friendly projects. Using blockchain, it enhances transparent environmental governance. Its SPoS consensus rewards sustainability-focused validators, integrating blockchain with sustainability efforts.

May 22, 2024